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Our first week of our PANTHERS R&D is over and it's already been awesome, eventful and far flung.

Travelling between Blaengarw, Abertillery, Bridgend, Porthcawl, Newport, Bryngarw and Cardiff, we've been exploring woodland, running workshops, roaming towns, visiting parklands, having conversations, studying turds, writing poems, skipping stones, eating chips and hunting panthers.

Here's a little collage of all these bits and bobs.

With three more weeks to go we've got plenty to come and more to see so make sure you sign up to our mailing list if you wanna know more about the work we're currently making.

Justin & Frank

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Apr 29, 2022

I really like these behind the scenes contents. Mailing list for sure.

Your friendly neighbourhood Nomad.

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