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Panthers is a show about what happens when two people, who both claim to have seen panthers, set off on a quest across Wales to uncover the truth.

Talking to eye-witnesses, interviewing nature experts and creating a piece of spoken-word documentary theatre, Frank and Justin aim to prove that big cats exist in the landscape of Wales, or at least create a new Welsh myth.

CARPET Spoken Word presents

PANTHERS Promo 4.png
PANTHERS Promo 4.png


Here's the trailer from out R&D process.

As we move forwards with the work we'll be working with Aled Wyn Thomas from Ffilm Bach & Mawr to make a documentary of our process.



A farmer has reported his sheep are missing and a dog walker found a dead deer up a tree, according to local myth... this can only mean one thing. Join Frank and Justin as they share their stories of having seen a panther in real life. With a mixture of live music, physical theatre, scientific writings and traditional story telling, the pair take you on a journey through the wilderness of Wales on the hunt for an elusive big cat. And as the pair get closer to the truth, they reveal something completely unexpected.


Part spoken word, part documentary-theatre the show is designed to happen in forest/woodland as well as indoor pop-up performance spaces. Inspired by folklore with a digital edge, we want it to feel like getting around a campfire as we tell the stories of new-age tales of mysterious beasts roaming the landscape of Wales. What do these new mythologies mean and how can we harness the power in them?


PANTHERS has been supported by Arts Council Wales, Awen Cultural Trust and The Wye Valley River Festival. Collaborating with Ffilm Bach & Mawr.

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