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Panthers is about what happens when two people, who both claim to have seen panthers, set off on a quest across Wales to uncover the truth.

Talking to eye-witnesses, interviewing nature experts and creating a piece of spoken-word documentary theatre, Frank and Justin aim to prove Welsh big cats exist, or at least by-proxy create a modern mythos along the way.

Work In Progress



Here's the trailer from out R&D process.

As we move forwards with the work we'll be working with Aled Wyn Thomas from Ffilm Bach & Mawr to make a documentary of our process.



PANTHERS is a mixed media project all about “big cats” based on verbatim interviews from people all over Wales. Part spoken word, part documentary-theatre we're building a show that's designed to happen in forest/woodland as well as indoor pop-up performance spaces. Inspired by folklore with a digital edge, we want it to feel like getting around a campfire as we tell the stories of new-age tales of mysterious beasts roaming the landscape of Wales. What do these new mythologies mean and how can we harness the power in them?


The PANTHERS R&D will involve focused community workshop engagements, as well as interviews with members of the public. This process will be followed by a collaborative rehearsal period that will result in a live work-in-progress performance taking place at 4 rural venues across South Wales. Collaborating with Ffilm Bach & Mawr we are also creating a filmed version of the work.